Ever lost or had something of value stolen?

Don't be caught out saying

"It won’t happen to me"

  • Every 15 seconds a robbery takes place
  • For each and every one there are losses of about $1000

Dear Friend,

There is nothing worse than losing your valuables. Everything you possess has a certain value attached that you never want to lose.

Police and Insurance Companies advise us to mark our assets with distinctive marks and information to reduce risk of loss. The same thing goes in case of a robbery. Distinctive marks ease the process of getting back your possessions.


Thanks for the quick delivery of the Ghostprint kit. I wish that I had bought it last time I saw your site. Last month some thieves stole my car battery. I alerted the police and the officers caught them in the act in a later robbery. The thieves admitted to stealing my car battery but when I tried to get it back, the officer in charge told me I would have to bid for it at auction!! Kidding I wasn't pi**ed. That's not going to happen again."

Matt Sinclair – Moree, Australia

You can avoid the frustration of a police auction if you have sufficient proof the item belongs to you.

What are your options to secure your valuables?

A sticker with your name and address or phone number may work, but stickers can easily be removed and they don’t work for small things like jewelry or on a fur etc.

You could engrave your name, address or phone number on your property, but engraving may damage the valuables. How would a coin collection, antique vase or an expensive camera look after you had it engraved? It certainly reduces the resale value?

So what is the best, most cost effective method of marking your valuables?

The best option is an invisible, durable, versatile non-damaging mark that is unique to you.

Best Method of Marking Your Valuables

  • Invisible – Thieves will have a hard time removing your mark if they can’t find your mark in the first place
  • Durable – valuables such as car engines & PC Hard Drives get hot and can destroy marks. Others, like a piece of artwork, will need to be readable for years to come
  • Versatile – You want to have 1 solution for every possession and in most cases this will be impossible
  • Non damaging – what’s the point of protecting a valuable item if your protection process is damaging to the item you are trying to protect?

My identification system, Ghostprint, covers all of the above and was developed for my customers, as a cost effective solution to stolen property identification.


Hi – I'm Charles Butland, but I like to be called Charlie, as I am known on the best selling book I wrote "Charlie's Thoughts" and "".

I personally believe you should mark all of your possessions without fear of damage using my Ghostprint proof of ownership system.

Why choose my Ghostprint system?

I was awarded the prestigious R&D Award for the top 100 Inventions, more commonly known as the Nobel Prize for applied science, for my patented DNA marking system which has marked millions of items world wide. I also invented the finger print detection system as used to help solve the famous Night Stalker serial killings in Los Angeles. This is now the standard finger print detection system used by Law Enforcements worldwide and as seen on TV shows such as CSI and others.


This technology and expertise has been used in developing Ghostprint. The proof of ownership kit which I guarantee you is the best, most cost effective and simplest way to mark your valuables.

A commercial variation of this technology has been used by many people and institutions to mark property.

Ghostprint is invisible, durable, versatile, non damaging and cost effective, making it the best proof of ownership kit in the market.

Ghostprint includes all the items you need for the best invisible protection.

  • Ghostprint Invisible Marker
  • Fingerprint Pad with Ghosprint invisible ink
  • Ghostprint Mark Detector

The Ghostprint Invisible Marker allows you to invisibly write personal information on your possessions - your name, phone number or drivers license number etc. This information is used to identify you as the owner and allows police to contact you.

The Fingerprint Pad with Ghostprint invisible ink allows you to mark your assets with your unique personal fingerprint.

The Ghostprint Mark Detector will reveal the invisible marks you have made using the Ghostprint invisible ink.

Use Ghostprint to mark your I-Pod and other personal items with your name, driver licence and phone number. This will make it easy for police to contact you.

In less than 5 second you can mark your laptop or camera with the Ghostprint Invisible Marker or mark it with your personal fingerprint by using the Fingerprint Pad with Ghostprint's invisible ink. This incontestable proof of ownership could save you thousands in the event your Ghostprint marked possessions were stolen.

"I just want to say thank you Charlie for this FANTASTIC product! Last summer I lost my $1900.00 laptop and was told by law enforcement officers that I would have to bid on my own laptop at auction unless I could prove the item belonged to me. Luckily my brother in law got me a Ghostprint kit for my birthday and my laptop was one of the first items I marked.

The officers returned my laptop after providing them with the details of my invisible Ghostprint mark, saving me potentially having to buy my own laptop again!"

Larry Henderson – Denver, Colorado

So how much is a Ghostprint kit?

You would expect to pay $49 for this kit but I want to make it affordable for everyone so I have reduced it to $29.95


I also offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee!

Yes that’s right, I believe in this product so much that I am willing to offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the product!

I am also offering the following items FREE of charge!!

  • Inventory Ledger - Use it to track down all the marks you made! You can also use it to make an inventory of your possession as advised by most Insurance Companies
  • Think like a burglar – This 87 page E-book is valued at $28.95 and offers you an insight into how burglars think as well as tips and tricks to help you protect your property and reduce the chance of a break in

"Hi Charlie, Last year I lost my camera at the train station. After 2 weeks I got a call from a man who said that he found my camera in the waiting room. He took it to the police to see if he could somehow contact the owner. The police checked the camera and were able to contact me. I wrote my initials and my phone number on the back of the camera which was lucky for me, as there were some important pictures of my 3 years old daughter on it. Thanks Charlie"

Aidan Gordon – Northampton, UK

Aidan was a lucky guy, he used my Ghostprint system to invisibly mark his camera. Lorene wasn’t.

"Hello Charlie,
I am glad that I found your site. A while ago I lost my laptop at a cafe. I realised and went back after 10 minutes. The laptop was gone. I reported to the police. Nothing. I even left the police officer in charge a picture of my laptop. I lost 3 weeks work and the presentation that was supposed to get me a promotion. Please give me a price for 3 Ghostprint kits."

Lorene Frank – Nemours, France

So what do you get?

  • The Ghostprint system kit value at $49.00

  • The Inventory Ledger

  • The E-book - Think Like a Burglar valued at $28.95

  • Peace of mind that your possessions are traceable

  • My money back Guarantee


All for the low price of $29.95 if you order your Ghostprint kit now.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and be assured that I will attend to your order promptly.

Sincerely Yours, Charlie

PS: These Ghostprint kits make a great gift for friends and family as they are not available in retail outlets to keep the cost down. Get an extra one for someone’s birthday or Christmas present. In fact if you buy 3 or more I will keep the one flat postage FEE.